Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Perfect Baby Shower Dress

Can I tell y'all something? I don't like maternity clothes. They're not my thing. I can never find any that fit just right. It must be something about my combination of chesty upper body and flat-as-a-board lower body, coupled with long legs that makes me hard to dress as a pregnant woman. Most companies seem to think that since I'm pregnant, I just want to dress my bump in only horizontal stripes or in a dress/top that looks like it belongs in a lovely, older woman's nursing home wardrobe. Enter PinkBlush. I discovered this brand on Zulily during my first pregnancy, and I fell in love. 
A line of maternity clothes that was actually on-trend, flattering, and something I'd want to buy even if I weren't pregnant? A win in my book. And when you can find something that makes you feel cute, stylish, beautiful at 7, 8, 9 months pregnant? Even better. PinkBlush is my go-to for maternity clothes, especially dresses. They have a huge range of dresses that are perfect for casual, dressy, work, church, showers and everything in between. I actually kept several of my PinkBlush Maternity items in my wardrobe for a long time after Tucker was born because I loved them so much. 
When I got the opportunity to try out part of PinkBlush Maternity's new line, I jumped on it. I knew I wanted a dress that would work for Easter and baby showers since I'm due about a week and a half after Easter. This teal floral fits the bill. I was a little concerned about sizing because I'm right between the medium and large measurement-wise and dress measurements aren't listed online. I'm glad I went with the size up, so there will be room to grow. In an effort to pretend it was spring in Texas, I paired it with gold wedges and a fun, irridescent necklace. For cooler weather, I'll probably wear it with tights, a cardigan, and booties. And I just LOVE this color combination. PinkBlush is having an ah-mazing sale right now, so head on over to their site and get your shop on.
And just for fun, here's a peek into Our Trophy Life. Mama trying to take pictures while the boys play fight with sticks in the background. Bring on the boys! 

**clothing provided by PinkBlush Maternity for review**

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 3 of 53 | Update

After spending all day in the car, I finally got the chance to sit down and do our update for this past week! This holiday weekend has me thinking that today is Sunday, but it is definitely Monday. Back to work tomorrow for a short week at school. 

This past Thursday, I had my 28 week prenatal visit. After sitting for almost an hour (it feels like my doctor always has to go deliver a baby on the days I have appointments 😂), I finally got to sit down and chat with him. I got the whole spiel on the third trimester--basically, if anything feels weird, go to the hospital. No fevers, infections, or funny business allowed! The good news is, my blood sugar levels were great during my glucose challenge test (91), so I don't have to do a glucose tolerance test. Yay!! BUT my iron/blood count levels are low, so I have to find a way to boost those! Hopefully, I can just do that with food, rather than taking an iron supplement. 

Here's this week's video update for more on what went down during week 3 of 2016!